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Saturday, June 5, 2010


This year I've decided to try The Upsy Downsy Tomato Planter. I read it allows tomatoes to grow in their best position- upside down. Just fill the Upsy Downsy with potting soil and your favorite tomato plants. Now I can prune, harvest and fertilize without kneeling or bending. Shouldn't need stakes or cages. And, because it never touches the ground, you won't be troubled by DOGS, cut worms, slugs, or fungus. Says it works great for peppers, cucumbers, petunias and other plants also. Growing two kinds -big beef delicious and grape tomatoes. Fingers crossed. Just in case? I planted my favorite Roma tomatos in a planter along side my serrano peppers. Woo hoo Salsa!

Hoping for the best! I think I should post a before and after photo!

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